An Alternative to Replacing Damaged uPVC Windows and Doors

For years a damaged uPCV window meant replacing the entire frame which can work out to be very expensive. However in recent years a number of uPVC repairs systems and products have come onto the UK market allowing you to repair uPVC in a similar way to ho

Double glazed windows became popular here in The UK in the early to mid 1970’s initially housed in traditional wooded window frames and then in aluminium frames when these briefly became popular in the early 1980’s, however, by the mid 1980’s uPVC – Which is an acronym for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a rigid, chemically resistant form of PVC ideal for windows, doors and roofing products – was introduced to the UK market from Germany which saw a revolution in the double glazing industry.

uPVC windows are nice looking, strong, hardwearing, easy to clean and don’t eventually rot like their wooden counterparts. They also require very little maintenance and need no varnishing and no annual painting, making them tremendously popular for both business and residential customers. Because of their robustness and maintenance free nature uPVC windows became huge business in the 1990s and by around the year 2000, most window UK manufacturers were offering only uPVC windows and had stopped producing wooden window frames altogether.

Modern uPVC profiles are now even available in grained finishes and a range of different colours, meaning that a uPVC windows can even be made to resemble a wooden window which is perfect for people who want to keep the traditional style of Victorian house for example.

There is however one ,major drawback with uPVC window frames and that is that when they get scratched, chipped or damaged in some way you need to replace the whole window frame which makes it very expensive. With the old type wooden window frame you simply filled in the damage with a good quality waterproof, exterior wood filler and then painted over them leaving them looking as good as new. If the damage was quiet extensive then you could even replace a part of the wooden frame and repaint the whole window.

Double Glazing Repair Bolton

For years a damaged uPCV window frame meant either living with it or replacing the entire frame altogether which can work out to be very expensive. However in recent years a number of uPVC repairs systems and products have come onto the UK market allowing you to repair uPVC in a similar way to how you would repair wood, by filling in the whole or crack, then rather than painting you blend the repair in which the rest or the window and then finally polish the repaired area until the window looks as good as new.

Now this isn’t really a do it self type of thing even though you could buy the products needed offline and a have a go at doing the job yourself. In my opinion, it is better use a dedicated and professional uPVC window frame repair company or tradesman who has the skill and the experience and is using trade standard products and materials rather than using the cheap, usually inferior products you generally find for sale online.

Even though you are using a company or tradesman to carry out the repair to your window frame it still works out a lot less expensive than replacing the entire window.

This is still a relatively new service but it has now start to be offered by a number of companies and tradesmen around the UK with many locksmiths and window companies now marketing this additional service to their clients. Why Locksmiths I here you ask? Many burglars will enter a property through a uPVC window damaging it in the process so a number of locksmith are training as uPVC repair specialist so they can offer their client a full service.

Most window companies will want to sell you a new window, however they are a few now offering this service

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