How to train as a professional locksmith

Being a locksmith can be a very rewarding career, if you decide to go independent then you are of course your own boss and the earnings can be very good if you are willing and able to put in the hours required.

Being a locksmith can be a very rewarding career, if you decide to go independent then you are of course your own boss and the earnings can be very good if you are willing and able to put in the hours required.

Many locksmiths speak of the joy they get by simple helping someone out of a tight spot, someone locked out of their home, office or vehicle for example. Of course a career as a locksmith isn't for everyone and to be able to compete with other local locksmiths you must make yourself available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and with a majority of locksmith callouts in the evenings or during the night you must be willing to work unsociable hours too.

If this hasn't put you off a career in the locksmith industry and you are still reading then you may have just found the career for you.

Being a locksmith requires unique skills, skills that you simply cannot learn as you go as you would do if you simply started a new office, retail or warehouse job and were unfamiliar with how things worked in the company, unsure about company procedures or how to work certain equipment and machinery.

Unlike many other businesses and trades a locksmith must learn his or her skills before starting work and visiting their first customer, for this you need training and the correct equipment.


Are Online Courses Any Good?

There are many skills, industries and trades where online course do in fact work and the student does learn the skills he or she has set out to learn, computer skills is a popular online course where you can learn the skills needed to gain employment in a industry where basic I.T. skills are a requirement but online courses simple don't work for the locksmith industry even through there are online locksmith courses being advertised - The people running these online course are more than happy to take your money knowing very well that you won't learn the skills required - For the locksmith industry where skills such as lock picking and gaining entry through locked doors are basic requirement you need a physical tutor to teach you the correct techniques, you'll also need to work on a range of different locks which simply isn't possible via a computer screen or booklet.


Which Locksmith Training Courses Are The Best

As mentioned above; the best locksmith training course is the course where you physically attend and get real, hands on experience although the physical training courses also vary in quality and you need to pick the correct course and the correct company.
The college type courses - where tutors simply hire classrooms and the building or college runs a number of different courses on different days/nights from a range of different industries are sometimes the cheapest but unfortunately are not the best and most are designed to simply meet certain criteria so that you can be awarded a certificate.
These course tend to run over a number of weeks and you attend 1 day or 1 evening each week until the course is finished, again these courses are great for learning basic skills such as cookery, languages or computers but simple don't cut it in the locksmith industry.

The best type of locksmith course in is the course run by a professional dedicated locksmith training centre where the tutors are locksmiths themselves with 10, 15, sometimes 20 years plus experience in the industry.


The most popular and recognised locksmith training college in the UK is Train Locksmiths near Manchester and if you can get to Manchester it really is worth the money. There are a number of other locksmith training colleges around the UK if Manchester is a little too far, some good, some not so good so vetting is essential.

These courses generally run for 5 or 7 consecutive days and involve hands on experience picking locks, changing locks, diagnosing faults, gaining non destructive access and more. So if you are considering a new career as a locksmith then these are the courses you should attend.

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