Finding a professional locksmith who covers Cumbria and The Lakes

When looking for a professional locksmith in a big city there are 100's sometimes 1000's to choose from all trying to get their piece of the action so it is in the big cities where competition is most fierce

The UK is for the most part a very densely populated county with large metropolitan areas like Greater London boasting almost 15 million total residents, however even though the UK has a population of over 65 million people a vast majority of these - around 85% in fact - live in the urban centres whilst only 15% of the entire population live in more rural and remote areas.

When looking for a professional locksmith in a big city there are 100's sometimes 1000's to choose from all trying to get their piece of the action so it is in the big cities where competition is most fierce and in rural, more remote area the competition isn't so fierce, but is this good thing for the rural residents or is it a bad thing?

The jury is still out on this one, some customers and locksmiths say it's a good thing whereas some actually say that it's a bad thing. Usual where competition is the highest prices tend to be more competitive and lower but this can cause people to essentially get charged more than they expected. A questionable locksmith will advertise the lowest price possible without it seeming too ridiculous then bump up the final bill with preposterous hidden changes, fees, unnecessary parts and extras making the final bill sometimes  10 times more that the advertised or agreed price.

Because there are so many people in cities these dodgy locksmiths can survive on a never ending supply of one off customers - off course after being ripped off no one calls these companies twice - so their business does in fact thrive.


Are Are Locksmiths Professionally Trained?

Another thing you can fall victim to in the big cities and large metropolitan areas is the amateur, have a go locksmith who has set up as a locksmith with no training whatsoever has simply bought a tool kit off the internet, watched a few Youtube videos and started advertising emergency locksmith services, remember the locksmith industry is totally unregulated so this is a perfectly legal thing to do . 

Again, after one of these cowboy locksmiths has arrived, butchered your lock, door and doorframe then handed you a bill for their vandalism you're never going to call them again, however just like the questionable locksmiths who overcharge and inflate their bills there are plenty more one off customers for these cowboy locksmiths to go after.

In the rural areas it's a different story, there are fewer locksmiths working these areas especially remote areas such as the Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor and The Lake District. In these areas advertised prices are usually higher than in the cities but you generally find that the advertised or priced you agreed to over the phone is what you end up paying in the end.

There are also very few amateur, have a go locksmiths covering smaller towns and cities such as Kendal or Windermere in the Lake District or other more remote areas in fact, this is because locksmiths covering remote areas rely on repeat business and referrals so simple cannot go around doing bait and switch invoicing, overcharging or doing a bad job.

In summary you're much more likely to get a good service at a reasonable price in you live in a remote, rural area.

People living in the lakes and cumbria should contact LT Locksmiths who cover Kendal, Windermere and rest of the lake district

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