Can a locksmith still pick a modern so called high security lock?

As window and door manufacturers add more and better security features to their products the locksmith must find more ingenious ways of gaining access without damaging your lock or door.

As window and door manufacturers add more and better security features to their products the locksmith must find more ingenious ways of gaining access. Gone are the days when 99% of locks could simply be picked by someone with the know-how, nowadays it take a certain skill set to pick a lock - yes even some of the most sophisticated so-called un-pickable locks on the market can be picked by a professional locksmith.


This is where you can sort out the amateur 'have a go' locksmith from the trained professional.

A professionally trained locksmith will always try to non-destructive entry methods first, these entry methods include lock picking and some other ingenious methods of gaining entry such as the letterbox tool method - click here to find out more about this tool.

An amateur locksmith will not even attempt these methods and will usually turn up equipped with a selection of hammers, chisels and of course a power drill, the amateur locksmiths best friend. The problem with these destructive entry methods is that you end up not only pay for this guy or gal to butcher and hack away at your lock but you end up forking out for new locks, new door frames and even new doors.


Should practicing as a locksmith without training be illegal?

This a question that is asked again and again, typically after someone has become a victim of one of these amateurs, the short answer is no, it is perfectly legal for anyone to buy a set of tools of the internet, watch a couple of Youtube how to videos and start touting for business.

Many of these amateurs don't even have their own company set-up or their own website, what they do is register with on of the so-called national locksmith companies who'll give them work.

Letterbox Tool on AmazonSo what is a national locksmith company I hear you ask?  Regardless of their chosen business name, national locksmith companies are not locksmiths at all they are simply a call centre with telephone operators, what happens is that they do all of the online marketing and advertising and locksmiths pay an annual fee to be on their books - so to speak, the national locksmith company sets the prices - usually inflated compared to the industry norm - and the actual locksmith only gets a percentage.



These national locksmith companies are great for the amateur unskilled, locksmith, they tend to use throw away PAYG simm card so the customers can't call them direct to complain about their poor work and many of them move from company to company when their complaints start to mount up.

So if you want to avoid an amateur locksmith then avoid the large national locksmith companies and chosen an independent locksmith instead. An independent locksmith has a reputation to uphold, they we usually have their own small website, great customer reviews on websites such as Google and Yelp and you'll end up paying a lot less for a better job.

A independent locksmith will typically be open about where they have been trained and will generally display info or a logo on their website. The most popular and respected locksmith training college in the UK is Train Locksmiths, Atherton, Greater Manchester who have trained locksmiths from all over the world, so if you see this logo/company displayed on a locksmiths website or on marketing material then you know that you are in good hands

Entrytec Locksmith Leigh are local, independent, fully trained, vetted, CRB checked and on call and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire for both emergency and non-emergency locksmith services.

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