Are national locksmith call centres ok to use?

When people find themselves locked out their home, office or vehicle they tend to turn to Google, most people have a smartphone on them so searching for an emergency callout locksmith is no problem these days, not like the pre-internet days where you had

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Google is the place to go these days for most things, locked out of your home, office or vehicle? You simply do a search for 'emergency locksmith', 'auto locksmith' etc and Google will generally show you the nearest result to you based on your phones IP address (location) there is generally no need to add a location yourself to your search query so whether you are locked out and in need of assistance in Derby or in Nottingham Google will know where you are and show you the local companies.

Now on paper this should work a treat, however there are rising number of what are known as national locksmith companies who are not local at all yet show up for local searches due to their marketing and website content. So what is the issue I here you ask? Isn't a locksmith a locksmith?

Well, there are a number of reasons that should never use a national locksmith company over an independent locksmith, but first let me explain what a national locksmith company is and how they operate.

A national locksmith company is not a large locksmith company with 100's of employed engineers, in fact they are not locksmiths at all, they are basically a call centre. You ring up and the operator sends a local locksmith out to you.

The way their business modal works is that the national locksmith company takes care of all the online marketing and call handling and the local locksmith pays a fee to be on their books.

This business model is however flawed, not for them but for the customers who use them.

The types of locksmiths who generally sign up to these companies are the ones who can't get work themselves, the amateur, have a go locksmiths who don't have their own website or any good feedback or reviews, they'll usually turn up armed with a hammer and a drill and simply butcher the customers home or vehicle.

If this wasn't bad enough the bills/invoice are typically 5 times that of a professional, independent locksmith due to the fact that it's the national locksmith company - the call centre - setting the prices and taking an enormous cut from each and every job.

Another issue with the national locksmith companies is the response time. Typically if you find yourself locked out of your home, office or vehicle you'll want someone to come out to you as soon as possible. Now when using an independent, local locksmith you are normally speaking with the actual locksmith when you ring up, the person who will be the one coming out to you and fixing your problem, because of this you'll get realistic time frames due to the fact that the locksmith is local, knows the traffic and knows his or her workload.

When ringing call centre you are simply speaking to an operator who is reading a script and giving out whatever timeframe, response time they need to give to keep your custom. After the phone goes down the call centre operator then needs to contact the nearest locksmith on their books, sometimes this is someone 100's of miles away even though the company is advertising in your area.

I've heard reports of people waiting 4 or 5 hours for a so called emergency locksmith to arrive. so in summary, always choose a local, independent locksmith over a national locksmith call centre.


Need a trustworthy, local, independent locksmith? we've put together this list of independent locksmith from various parts of the country.

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